About Zoomfish

Zoomfish Offer cash for mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets, as well as supporting the community and helping the environment. This article offers a little information about their service, who they are, what they do and what they offer.

, Who Are They Zoomfish is owned by MillRace IT who are a trading subsidiary of the charity InterAct. MillRace IT are a not-for-profit organisation who provide employment and training for disadvantaged individuals. Any surplus that is made by MillRace IT is all gift aided to the parent charity InterAct. In this way, everybody benefits.

You Benefit By being a specialist IT recycle with years experience selling through Zoomfish offers you may advantages to disposing of or selling of your old gadgets through other means: They offer an instant price via their website, so there is no waiting days for an auction to end before you know how much you will receive; Freepost options, they will pay the postage for you to send the item to them, this means you are not loosing any of the money you will be getting before you have even sent it; Sameday payment, the day they receive your item they give it the once over and if it is as you described then they issue the payment the very same day; Free returns, for added piece of mind if they do have to offer you a revised price for an item and you do not wish to accept it, they will post it back to you free of charge with no questions asked.

The Environment Benefits Everything you send them they reuse or recycle. By not sending anything to landfill it helps save natural resources, save energy so reducing carbon emotions and reduce waste. If something is reusable as it is then that is even better, as even the energy required to recycle it is saved.

Society Benefits Here Is How In the organisation they employ and provide training to disadvantaged people wherever possible as well as providing low cost computer equipment for individuals on low income.